Malang well known as the city with a lot of colonial building, infrastruktur of

this city build by dutch goverment, very beautiful city with many big trees

surrounding, we offer you to enjoy our clean and  green city with many

story of colonial house and also look deep inside the city of Malang,

 the real life of local people. some point perhaps not really nice to

see, but that is the real of life.

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Start from hotel after breakfast with “ mikrolet” /public transport to malang

city hall area, walking inside city hall building ( colonial style building ), bird

market , labirinth river kampong ( kampong brantas), 3 D kampong (

colouring kampong), second hand market and urban kampong ( railway

area ). Trekking trip finished in eng ang kiong CHINESSE temple (


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just After exploring chinesse temple complex, Becak already waiting for

next journey to traditional market of malang, we please our guest for

walking inside to see real life of local people. Many color of vegetable, fruit

andtraditional cake, “ good “ smell as well. 

next trip to the city center of malang for coffe break in toko oen (hollands

restaurant). and then continued to colonial area of malang " ijen boulevard"

with local public transport.

droop to your hotel, end of the trip